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Stress affects people in many different ways depending on the person. In order to help people learn more about how stress works, the signs that stress is affecting someone, and how stress may be affecting you, I decided to create this website. I hope that this information is able to help you in some way. If you have any questions or need to talk, feel free to reach out :) Submissions will be anonymous. If you need anymore help, I have added more resources for you to reach out. 


How it works

Stressed? Don't be! Let's laugh!!! There are many ways Chemistry is involved when laughing.The chemical dopamine is released in the brain when you laugh and then are sent as a signal to other nerves in the body.


Take a break - Laugh

Laughing or smiling is a universal language. It is the one of the first few things humans do when they are born and carry it forever with them. Taking a break to laugh while working helps reduce stress a lot! 


How it may affect you

Dopamine is part of the human reward system and is very important for feeling satisfaction, happiness and motivation. Producing Dopamine naturally is important as many tend to reply on recreational drugs instead which can be very harmful over time. 

Disaster Distress Helpline: 1-800-985-5990

Suicide Prevention: 800‑273‑8255 (call) or 838255 (text)

To find your county mental health line, see:

Substance Abuse: 800‑662‑HELP

Crisis Text Line: 741741 (text HOME)

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